1. Empathy

Someone flicks through a book, reads in it and remembers one of the words. You look at the person and tell him without any detours what he is thinking of in detail. Yes, you can tell exactly the word he has in mind! You have read everything correctly – the dream of every mentalist has come true. This is the book test in it‘s purest and most direct form! That is what always has been meant referring to the effect of a book test but has now been realized for the first time ever.
The facts:
You can present the effect alone and under all possible conditions of performance. Nothing has to be forced, nothing is asked, nothing has been written down. You don‘t have to search for individual letters.
The spectator opens the book at random, pages through it, reads something and finally keeps any word that suits him in mind. In a word: He chooses the word absolutely free!
There is no need to secretly glimpse any information so the performer is able to stand widely apart from the spectator. And despite (might be because of) the uniquely clear and fair procedure you are able to present an absolutely incredible mindreading.
You will need nothing else than the book. Your hands are empty during the whole performance. The handling will be mastered perfectly after a short while. Even for a person who ownes the book that is used himself and has read it there will be not the slightest doubt that this is the original book. He is allowed to read some pages and still will confirm that this is the contents he is familiar with.
The title used in this effect is one of the worlds most famous detective novels. You will recieve a 100 % original looking hard cover book including original illustrations.

Richard Osterlind:
I love this test!
The effect is great! …
The method is wonderful! …
It is one of the cleanest and most direct book tests I know of!

Joerg Alexander:
„What looks like a book is in fact a clever secret weapon to make people believe that you can truly read their minds. I use EMPATHY in every show – it’s fantastic.“

Alexander de Cova on the German edition:
There are many book tests – some good and some not so good.
For me the best is "EMPATHY" by Edward Stein. A better book test would be hard to imagine.
The particular method of word determination is the gold dust of this test.
It is simple and convincing and works perfectly on stage.
This book test is a masterpiece!

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